Individual Guerrilla Shelter Unit


︎Project Brief

IGSU is an investigation into the individual approaches of a sleeping unit for a (homeless) person at night. The project gives emphasis to the development of a sleeping solution that considers personal safety, weather and implementation in relation to the client.


I met my client, Nathan at Yerba Buena Gardens and after talking to him about his situation, I’ve gathered that he wanted to treat his experience as a form of detox. During my design process, I’ve taken into consideration his positive mindset and other striking things that he had mentioned like ‘dayroom,’ ‘seating.’ ‘writing,’ ‘reading,’ ‘meditative,’ and his personal interest in the arts including music and drawing. These things directed me to locating my IGSU at Yerba Buena Gardens. Although parts of Yerba Buena Gardens are generally busy there are parts that are quiet that my client would appreciate, the lush greens as well as fountains adds tranquility to the site. The area is a prime to accommodations like water supply, power, indoor areas, and is in the middle of the San Francisco art institutions.

Nathan’s ‘dayroom’ requests persuaded me to incorporate his IGSU along the lines of trees and vegetation and with that, I’ve started conceptualizing and used them as inspiration. Among the ideas, I decided to pursue the lattice and rope design as it creates visual continuity of the surrounding environment combining the natural and industrial into a singular entity. In addition, I looked at precedents like Sou Fujimoto’s 2013 Serpertine Pavilion and MVRDV’s Stairs to Kriterion into helping me further understand the lattice system. Eventually, I came up with a design solution that is in the intersection of nature, art, and detox.



︎Project Details

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