Building Path
McLaren Park Visitor Center


︎Project Brief
This project explores the design of an educational visitor's center in a natural setting with programmatic, climatic and topographic challenges. We are tasked to assess and integrate the context and physical characteristics of the site such as climate, orientation, topography, vegetation and views. Sensitive siting, optimized building orientation, and responsible building material selection are explored to create spatial experiences that heighten an appreciation of the site environment.

The formal language of the project will arise from a phenomenology of place, the hidden strucures that emerge from our study of the site, and from the influence our act of placing has on our understanding of the landscape. Utilizing methods to explore the territory of building, specifically the historical, geological, climatic, cultural, and landscape conditions that constitute the contents of the site. From this understanding, the project will define a response that diminishes the impact to the site in terms of resources consumed and disruption to the existing visual and natural order. (P. Schenker)

︎Design Concept

The building creates a new path. The path embraces the programs of the visitor center as it softly connects the heart of McLaren Park and the neighborhood edge.

After identifying the existing trails on the site, I wanted to create a new path that connects the wild core and the neighborhood edge with minimal environmental destruction. The proposal introduces the building by gently permeating through the landscape, enveloping the programs within it. The building focuses on the integration of the inner core and the surrounding community by creating soft form that nurtures an inviting natural athmosphere.



︎ Analysis

︎ Study Models

︎ Physical Representation

︎ Project Details

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